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Terry Tremwel

Terry Tremwel, PhD, MBA

Chair of the Board
Trem|Wel Energy, LLC
Silicon Solar Solutions, LLC

Terry Tremwel innovates sustainable and economical solutions. With 25 years of experience indeveloping sustainable solutions in energy efficiency, network efficiency, contaminant hydrology, and watershed master planning, Tremwel seeks elegant solutions to complex problems. He has published three case studies used in the International Graduate Logistics Case Competition, which includes 12 of the top graduate logistics university programs in Europe and the USA. Each case illustrates sustainable practices in supply chain management. He developed and teaches the Sustainability class for the Sam M. Walton College of Business. He has worked in civil and industrial engineering capacities across the continent and in Latin America and Africa.

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Stephan Pollard

Stephan Pollard, PhD, CGPM

Chief Executive Officer
Trem|Wel Energy, LLC

Stephan Pollard is a leader - specialist in pioneering performance as an organizer, business manager, researcher, educator and promoter - developer of renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainability, and green building - low impact development technologies and practices. Stephan has 14 years of applied project management experience (3 overseas), been appointed to the Arkansas Alternative Energy Commission, worked to develop the largest residential and largest church solar power arrays in Arkansas, managed a high-profile triple wind turbine test installation, and gained international recognition in the journals Science, GIS World, and GIS Asia Pacific.

Download Stephan's Bio (200k PDF)